Tax exemption by Art & Patronage

Do you want to reduce your tax burden by purchasing works of art?
ORTAL5 can help you reduce your taxes by purchasing or leasing art works.


Défiscalisation Art ORTAL5 Private Art Dealer

Tax deduction for the purchase of artworks

ORTAL5 advises professionals (interior designers, architects, set designers) and business leaders in the search for ideal works of art for their projects or business premises, and also tax exemption.

According to the law «Aillagon» of August 1, 2003:
- If you are a company, subject to Corporation Tax or Bic Class Income,
- If you wish to purchase an original work of a living artist (at the time of purchase),
- If you plan to to show it to the public or your employees in your offices.

Then you can deduct all or part of the acquisition price of the piece of art from your taxable result.
This Work must be accessible to the public or to your employees for at least 5 years.
You can also lend it to a museum.
You will then benefit from an equal tax reduction per fraction over 5 years, of the order of 1/5th of the purchase price, or 20%, provided that it does not exceed 5% of your company’s turnover.

Défiscaliser une Œuvre d'Art avec ORTAL5, Private Art Dealer

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